Flare-On 7 — Welcome ♥

Hello and welcome to our series of tutorials about Flare-On 7! In this series we will take you to a journey into each and every one of the challenges – including the almighty 10th and 11th challenges.

1 - Fidler
2 - Garbage
3 - Wednesday
4 - Report
5 - TKApp
6 - Codeit
7 - Re-Crowd
8 - Aardvark
9 - Crackinstaller
10 - Break
11 - Rabbithole

In the write-ups, we explain how we approached the different challenges, how we overcame obstacles, scripted our way to the top and avoided rabbit holes.

Naturally, the most detailed write-ups are of Challenge 10 and Challenge 11 as they are the most interesting ones. You might find the write-ups about challenges 1-9 less thorough and complete but you can always refer to the official write-ups by Fire Eye in case that anything isn’t clear.

With this series of articles we announce our Reverse Engineering Explained initiative, a free and open-source website that aims to provide technical content and tutorials about Reverse Engineering, Malware and Vulnerability analysis and other related security topics.

Finally, we want to thank all the friends and colleagues that reviewed the contents of the write-ups and shared from their experience.


Itay Cohen & Shaked Reiner